Message of thanks from our Mayor to those helped plant 400 trees

Below is a message of thanks from our Mayor to all those who helped plant 400 trees this weekend (and this extends to those who would have been there if not otherwise engaged). HelloI really want to send my heartfelt thanks to all those involved in finally getting the trees planted over this weekend (4/5Continue reading “Message of thanks from our Mayor to those helped plant 400 trees”

£30,000 Cymunedau Gwyrd Fund / £30,000 Green Communities Fund

Mae Cadwyn Clwyd wedi lawnsio prosiect newydd o’r enw Cymunedau Gwyrdd, sydd wedi’w ariannu gan Gynllun Galluogi Adnoddau Naturiol a Lles (ENRaW) Llywodraeth Cymru. Bwriad y prosiect yw i ariannu prosiectau a arweinir gan gymunedau i’w helpu i gyflawni mentrau gwyrdd, yn ogystal â chefnogi adferiad Covid a thwf gwyrdd ar lefel gymunedol. Bydd CymunedauContinue reading “£30,000 Cymunedau Gwyrd Fund / £30,000 Green Communities Fund”

Glasgow as a moment to build a movement

COP26 event started this morning with pathe…khmm, enthusiastic speeches but some of the speakers were amongst those, who already suffer from the effects of climate change. Today’s progress gave birth to a paper that has some mentionable message: “… we are driving change through five pillars: i) Building resilience across all of society; ii) EffectiveContinue reading “Glasgow as a moment to build a movement”

Tree-mendous tree planting at Llanfwrog

Postponed!!! Owing to further delays in supply and very windy and wintry weather forecast, Saturday’s Treeplanting event has been cancelled Further updates will follow. Keep warm and well all! Ruthin will be a greener place soon with an environmental community project planned at Llanfwrog Community Centre. During the summer the Mayor, Councillor Heather Williams, startedContinue reading “Tree-mendous tree planting at Llanfwrog”

When considering air quality, biofuels are not sustainable (smoke issue in Glasdir)

The following blog post is from Elena Vardoulaki, Glasdir resident who’s been actively following and reporting the smoke situation with several other residents. “It was almost exactly a year ago when concerns about the smoke emissions in Glasdir started appearing in public forums and social media. The operations in the neighbouring industrial estate, which forContinue reading “When considering air quality, biofuels are not sustainable (smoke issue in Glasdir)”