How to recycle the most of your takeaway meals’ packages

As the C-19 pandemic restrictions ease, restaurants, cafes and takeaways still have to sell their menus in containers and boxes using several different materials to keep the food warm, safe and delicious.

The package and containers are mostly made of single use plastic, polystyrene, aluminium or maybe paper but do we know which type of package can be recycled and how to do it properly?

If you – for example – throw aluminium pots in your geneal waste bin, this will unnecessarily waste of our energy for at least two times:

1. This aluminium pot will be sent to the incinerator where they try to burn this item. But the incinerator supposed to produce energy from waste and not use up the energy.

2. Manufacturing aluminium from raw materials is one of the most energy consuming process.

The same with food waste when you put it in the general waste bin because in Denbigshire we produce biogas from foodwaste that provides cleaner energy for us, but foodwaste in the black bin will use up extra energy in the incinerator.

Ruthin FoE set up a team of volunteers to make awareness of this situation.

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